Time to visit Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is opening again. We enjoy one of the most vibrant cities in the world and we love to share it with people. There is so much to do and to see, away from the crowds, enjoying the big outdoors, the parks, the sandy beaches and the amazing Tagus River. It is time to visit Lisbon!

The Tagus River

LIsbon is blessed with the Tagus River. Starting in Spain, it is the longest in the Iberian Peninsula and its last strech creates one of the biggest and most beautiful estuaries in the World. Besides the Port and the economic activities, the Tagus is a true playground for the city. Sailing, cruising, enjoying the beach, dolphin watching, bird watching, shellfish collecting or fishing are some of the options. Tagus Cruises offers the perfect way to enjoy the capital’s waters.

The Waterfront

When you visit Lisbon, and if you like to walk, don’t miss the waterfront. It is mainly flat and it streches for about 20 quilometers, or 12 miles, from the modern Parque das Nações to the historical and UNESCO World Heritage rich Belém district. Between both areas, there is a lot to see and enjoy. Beautiful river views, runnig and biking tracks, parks and gardens, marinas, museums, restaurants and cafes, terraces, amazing architecture, monuments. Not to mention our Presidential Palace!

Travelling in Time

The Estação Fluvial Sul e Sueste reopened to the public a few weeks ago. This 1932 renovated building is, for me, one of the most beautiful ways to reach Lisbon. Arriving from the river, or entering the front gate, you are welcomed by a opulent athmosfere. Rich marbles, confortable sofas and big view windows can transport you back to a pre World War II luxury way of travelling. Almost like an Agatha Christie’s novel!

Parks and gardens

If you think it’s time to visit Lisbon, it is equally important to remember the parks and gardens. The city has more than 50, from the Monsanto Forest to the Parque Eduardo VII, where you can enjoy the view and be amazed by the mini-jungle of the biggest greenhouse in the capital. As a result, it is easy to miss the crowds and feel connected to nature. Some other oasis are:

The Beaches

Lisbon is one of the busiest capitals in Europe. Nevertheless, nature is around the corner. For example, the sandy beaches are less than 30 minutes away from the city, either in the Cascais and Estoril coast or, crossing the river, the Costa da Caparica.

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