The top two food stores in Lisbon

Recently, “The Finantial Times” listed the 50 greatest groceries in the world. And our capital features two places. Manteigaria Silva and Manuel Tavares are the two top food stores in lisbon.

Manteigaria Silva

“Lisbon’s oldest grocery is a feast for the senses with its wide array of Serra da Estrela cheeses and dry-cured hams dangling from the rafters, as well as its signature bacalhau (sea salt-cured cod). Besides those delicacies, there is a lot more to try at Manteigaria Silva. Breads, jams, canned food, wine and fresh fruit are some of the options. You can also buy and enjoy all the treats at its new location in Time Out Market.

Manuel Tavares

“This bustling produce and wine shop in the center of Lisbon dates from 1860. Staff wear trademark striped red aprons and white shirts, and you can find fabulous cheeses from Alentejo and Azeitão, boar and deer chorizos, Algarve fig cake and black tea from the Azores. It is also known for its nuts and dried fruits. Don’t leave without trying the presunto (dry-cured ham) from Barrancos”. Manuel Tavares, the second of the top two food stores in Lisbon is perfectly located and also offers an incredible selection of coffee.

As well to these two locations, Lisbon has a lot of other delicacies to discover. If you don’t want to miss any, a good option is to book a food tour that can take you to the best places to buy and taste Portuguese flavors. Reach out to Your Friend in Lisbon and enjoy all the city’s seasoning. With a private guide, without crowds and at your own pace. Bon appétit!

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