About Us

Explore YOUR WAy

Custom Portugal helps you explore Portugal your way.

Imagine travelling all over Portugal in a self-guided experience that offers you all the independence but without having to worry with planning and all the challenges of travelling. That is what we offer.

Our team of travel designers knows Portugal as the back of their hand. Every month we explore new hotels, restaurants, experiences to offer you the best selection and create the perfect custom program for you and your travelling companions.

We like to go outside the most obvious options because we know that in Portugal we can get amazing surprises, competitive prices and unforgettable experiences outside the main roads.

So, if you are thinking of coming to Portugal, chose the hassle-free option. Let our experts design the most perfect program for you

We would love to talk with you.


Showing you the best of Portugal with hassle-free programs tailored to your preferences. 


Making the world fall in love for Portugal. There is so much discover, so many secrets to share with you.